Fun Grilled for Kids images 1

Fun Grilled for Kids

1. cheese-stuffed meatballs

 Fun Grilled for Kids images 1

These oval meatballs on a stick are both totally fun for kids to eat and incredibly delicious. Don’t assume that only children will go nuts for these, because once adults get a taste, they’ll want a share, too. If you like, serve with a dish of warm marinara or pizza sauce for dipping.

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2.  bacon-wrapped hot dogs

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Summer hot dogs on the grill are exciting again when you wrap them in bacon. Grilled to a salty-crisp crust, they’re delicious on a bun with nothing more than a simple squeeze of ketchup or mustard. If you want to make them more gourmet for the grown-ups, dress them up with a spoonful of salsa and a little sour cream on top. 

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 3. grilled chicken fingers with manchurian sauce

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It may seem impossible to make anything resembling chicken nuggets on the grill, but these breaded chicken fingers on skewers come close by combining the best of grilling and frying. The oil and water in the crumb mixture make a coating that sticks to the chicken without falling off over the flame. The soy and garlic-flavored dipping sauce is a refreshing change from traditional barbecue sauces

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4. fruit kabobs

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A few moments on a hot grill can transform ripe fresh fruit into a delectable treat. Brushing the kabobs with a light honey syrup tinged with cinnamon adds a layer of flavor that helps bring out the fruit’s natural sweetness. Any combination of fruit will work, but the strawberries, pineapple, banana and apple here are a particularly festive combination. 

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5. chocolate marshmallow banana boats

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Pop a few of these childhood campfire classics over the dying coals while you eat your dinner. When you’re done, dessert is a mere unfold of the foil away. Kids will love the messy final product, which becomes a virtual pudding of tender, sweet, softened banana shot through with bittersweet chocolate and molten marshmallow. Add a dollop of whipped cream or a spoonful of ice cream for an extra-special treat. 

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