low carb fast food lunch images

low carb fast food lunch

Quick and Easy Healthy Low Carb Fast Food Lunch.

Healthy Lunch Ideas are the best way to stay fit and healthy in today’s fast paced and mostly automated lifestyle. An ideal lunch diet should consist of low-fat protein and high carbohydrates to keep you charged the complete afternoon. So here we have come up with some healthy lunch ideas that are quick to make and high in nutrition.

If you have no time to prepare course meals and you love sandwiches, than you can try a variety of sandwiches using our healthy lunch ideas. To make your lunch wholesome try whole grain bread, wraps or pitas. Fill in the sandwiches with lean foods like lean meats, cheese, tuna fish, smoked turkey or sliced eggs. To be a little more experimental, check out some of the healthy lunch ideas listed below.

low carb fast food lunch images

Chicken and Fruit Salad from our healthy lunch ideas is a refreshing lunch meal for summers. Take ¼ cup low fat sour cream, add to it poppy seeds, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Whisk them until smooth, keep apart a little for dressing and mix salad green or tossed green vegetables to the mixture. Top it up with seasonal fruits, feta and walnuts and drizzle the remaining sour cream mix. A delicious lunch meal is ready to lend you enough energy to last through the afternoon.

Take two hard boiled eggs peeled and chopped. To make your lunch complete, add cocktail bread or any other bread slices that you like in the fourth container.

For people with a sweet tooth, take a look at this healthy lunch dessert recipe of Apple Confit. Take 3-4 firm apples.

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The Low Carb Fast Food Lunch Diet.

You don’t know if you should go for a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet or a high protein low carbohydrate diet but you know that you want your food to be low Carb fast food lunch. For dinner, take a low carbohydrate vegetable diet. For Low Carb Diet Lunch you would need a high protein low carbohydrate diet as this is the time where you need a higher energy level.

Taking a very high Carb diet lunch or a very low carbohydrate diet lunch won’t be good for you. In breakfast and your Low Carb Fast Food Lunch Diet  take in enough Carb to you’re your body work actively, eat even lower Carb food or no Carb food for dinner because Carbs turn into fats and since you go to sleep soon after dinner, your body wouldn’t need that for energy.

Exercising burns you fat stores. Make a chart for your health including, low Carb breakfast, Low Carb Fast Food Lunch Diet, and low Carb Dinner along with exercises.

Creating a High Protein, Low Carb Fast Food Lunch Diet Menu.

There are many reasons why people do a high protein, low carb fast food lunch diet. If you are one of those who want to slim down by going the high protein low carb diet route, you should have a clear plan of how to achieve your goal by knowing what high protein, low carb diet menu to have.

As for lunch on this high protein, low carb fast food lunch diet menu, you can always rely on some soup and salad combination – as they will be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Fish meats will provide the protein that your body needs and still keep your diet healthy. You need not worry about putting rice on your high protein, low carb diet menu, as long as you pay attention to the portion size.

If you can make sure that your high protein, low carb diet menu contain 1,500 – 1,600 calories per day, then you are on your way for a successful diet.

Low Carb Fast Food Lunch Recipes for You and Me.

If you are a working man or woman on a low carb diet, meal times often pose a big challenge, especially lunch. On a busy workday, how on earth will you find time to go to a low carb restaurant or cook two special meals?

Low carb diets are based on the principle that a diet low in carbohydrates leads to decreased production of body’s insulin, resulting in consumption of fat stores as energy source. To avoid these speed bumps and the ensuing guilt pangs, the best option is to plan your meals by learning about low carb recipes.


Low carb does not mean eating bland food. You can eat pizzas too by using vegetable toppings and cheese on a small-carb thin crust!

Low carb clubs or support groups are also a great way to meet like minded people and get some ideas for meal plans. You can swap recipes, discuss your diet plans and trade information about stores which sell small-carb snacks at the monthly meetings.

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Low Carb Fast Food Lunch Bags save Time, Money and Calories.

From ways to save money to new ideas on nutrition, these hot topics always draw attention. Promotional lunch bags, given as gifts to employees during recognition week events or as part of a motivation initiative can inspire them as well as help them save money and calories. These custom printed lunch box can also save the company money and time.

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Staff members who get an insulated lunch bag as a gift of recognition for Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Week or other appreciation event will be inspired to save the money they would normally put out for a burger and fries. Holding a casserole recipe contest to get people motivated about brown bagging a lunch is a way to get people excited and start thinking about how much money they can save. Rather than having the award is a gift card to a restaurant, give out a gift card to the local supermarket, supporting the cook at home cause.

Health implications of eating fast food are well documented. Promotional lunch bags may be low cost gifts to hand out, but they go a long way towards guiding employees to a healthier lifestyle. A hamburger prepared at home is infinitely more nutritious than one bought at a fast food establishment, and an insulated lunch sack can keep it fresh during the morning hours. Even a cold lunch of a deli sandwich and fresh fruit made at home is a better option than a visit to the local deli. Controlled portions and fresh ingredients make all the difference.

Companies can save time and money by utilizing these lunch bags as employee gifts. Staffs that bring their lunch to work are more inclined to eat in the employee lounge. By not having to go out to buy lunch, they enjoy more of their lunch break and are more likely to be on time when clocking back in. Healthier food results in a clearer mind, and more energy, reducing the need for that afternoon coffee run or snack. Additionally, the low cost of the lunch tote gift in relation to monetary incentives makes it a budget friendly employee incentive.

Low Carb Fast Foods Lunch List – Do and Don’ts.

Add to this artificial additives and large levels of salt which is really a key flavor increase in numerous manufactured foods, as well as the amount of low carbohydrate processed foods which usually deserve an area on your low carb fast food lunch list turns into an even shorter list.

One of the most prominent foods on your low carb fast food lunch list, naturally, will probably be high protein food like various meats, poultry, bass and seafood, eggs, mozzarella, seeds, and also nuts. Complicated Vs. Easy Carbs.

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As you will have to try to eat easy carbohydrate food, like fresh fruits, in small amounts to the nutrients they supply, just make certain that you do not waste your easy carbohydrate food allowance on refined fruit. Additional easy carbohydrates are sugar, or even lactose, founding milk products, and sucrose, as well as table sugar, founding thousands of frosty, canned, and also boxed food items. Both berries and dairy deserve to reach you low carb fast food lunch list. Even though no breads are really a reduced carbohydrate food, you will find there’s place for whole fiber bread in your entire carbohydrate supply food listing for complete your low carb fast food lunch.